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One to One Office Sessions, Educational Groups (Edmonton, AB) & Customized Online Portals 

This Edmonton hypnotherapy service offers clinical 1 to 1 sessions (in-office), educational groups, and a range of online customized options.

Our goal is to create change that is accepted by the subconscious mind.

Basic hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, and private programming are terms that refer to different levels of subconscious restructuring.

Clients who access services have the following in common:

  • they feel that they have hit a brick wall.
  • they have exhausted their own resources.
  • they are fed up and ready to work.

Unless the subconscious mind absorbs and accepts a new way of being, an updated self-image, and a new patterned response, change will not be permanent or easily maintained. The robotic subconscious mind will stubbornly hold on the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of stress responsesanger, anxiety, depression and addiction states until it is properly re-educated. There is a realistic systematic process of habituation that occurs whether we are looking at patterns that serve us or ones that infringe on the quality of our lives.

We can hope for change, pray for change, trust the universe, cross our fingers, and fool ourselves into believing that sheer will power alone will create the life circumstances we desperately hope for. The subconscious mind is a servo-mechanism and it will continue to "succeed" whether the programmed goals are in our best interest or not. And so, until the subconscious mind is re-educated we will continue to experience the same challenges over and over again, year after year.


  • is a learning machine
  • is not your soul, spirit or higher power
  • stores our history and is the seat of our identity
  • runs outdated programs based on beliefs installed during times of vulnerability
  • promotes the continuation of "distorted "thinking."
  • serves up the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors over and over again
  • has a stubborn robotic nature that must be programmed with conscious awareness 
  • has the job of maintaining all paths of least resistance
  • resists half hearted attempts to create new programming


Without a keen understanding of how the subconscious mind operates, and how to deliberately and consciously influence it, all change efforts are wasted.

Time and time again traditional therapeutic processes fail to support deep meaningful lasting change that can be comfortably maintained. Traditional therapy depletes motivation for many individuals and fails to consider the learning needs of the subconscious mind. In addition, the chronic regurgitation of the past is debilitating for most people and often builds or intensifies the victim mindset.

We must understand the primitive automatic subconscious minds' need to preserve what is. Often “what is” does not serve us. The self-image, deeply embedded within the subconscious mind is either a useful or a debilitating guiding force.

At the core, most individuals do not believe that they are capable of creating the life they truly want. They do not believe that they have the ability to influence their circumstances or conditions. Most people do not believe that they have the capacity to be the CEO of their lives and be in charge of their thought, feeling and behavior habits. This work supports people to move beyond beliefs that support complacency and restructure the subconscious mind for permanent change.

This Edmonton hypnotherapy agency is founded on the belief that most people have worked hard to create changes that never last. Through sheer frustration and fatigue people succumb to a victim mindset that perpetuates the ongoing sabotage of change efforts.

This victim mentality is the result of a life time of social programming that works to keep people in prescribed positions and encourages the masses to think, feel and behave in specific ways. Children learn early to tow the line or risk the fear of shame, rejection, and emotional abandonment. Adults continue to be influenced in a multitude of ways that serves to strengthen dis-empowered subconscious programming. 


These two opposing forces create the internal chaos...

  • We are meant to grow, expand, learn and thrive.
  • This innate desire is as strong as is the primitive desire to preserve "what is."

These two opposing forces create the internal chaos that leads people down the path of frustrated expectations and paves the way to anger, depression, anxiety, stress responses, and addiction. These unhealthy responses, to the challenges of fighting ones tendencies, become habitual ways of being. Once negative patterns are developed the job of the subconscious mind is to resist new ways of being, to maintain "cow paths" aka paths of least resistance, and exert as little energy as possible.

The subconscious mind will accept new ways of being and a new self-image only once its needs are met. Moving away from a mindset that accepts oneself as angry, anxious, depressed or addicted means supporting the subconscious mind to accept an identity of oneself being capable of learning new ways of being, including a shift in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. In this work this is referred to as becoming the CEO of one’s life.

We have the option to program a persona that is in keeping with our potential, our dreams and visions of what we would like our lives to be like. Current goal setting is crucial in this work and so success planning is critical. Many people struggle their whole lives trying to fulfill the dream or ideal that early programmers (aka parents) had for them. Yet, with the right tools and strategies, life can be very different.

Life isn't meant to be hard. A major premise of the work here is that our challenges are learned, accepted and maintained by the subconscious mind.


One to One Office Sessions, Educational Groups (Edmonton, AB) & Customized Online Portals 

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